We get a lot of questions about bridal preparation and from our experience we want to give you some of the major tips that will make your bridal preparation even more magical than what it will be. Everyone is different and all photographers may have a different way of doing things but these are the tips we can give you.

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Room Tidiness

This is the first topic I want to address because it makes such a difference to your photographs and it is actually pretty easy. There is nothing worse than having a photograph of you and your father when he sees you in your beautiful dress for the first time with lots of clothes or rubbish in the background.

Obviously I do what I can to make sure the background is clutter free but because as the photographer I am there to capture all those little special moments when they happen, there is simply not enough time for me to worry about clutter in the background.

The best think you and can do is asking everyone or ask your bridesmaids to hide all the clutter a few hours before I arrive. Make sure all suitcases are in closets and make sure all rubbish is out of sight completely.

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Room Size

It is always best to choose the biggest room to get dressed in. Some of the best moments happen when you just put your dress on and I love to capture those moments. By the time you are dressed and we move you to another location in the house/apartment those first moments are over.

So choose a nice big room so that I have space to move around you and capture the laughs, the tears and all the joy in this perfect moment.

Windows and Lighting

Photography relies a lot on lighting. There are some things I can control and something’s that I cannot. I love natural light and it does make everyone look their very best. Here are the two biggest tips I can give you when you select a room to get dressed in.

1. Choose a room with the most windows and the biggest windows. Make sure you open all the curtains.
2. Put off all the lights. Lights are ugly and we do prefer the light that comes into the windows even if you think it is too dark to take photographs we still prefer it over lights.

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The Details

We love details! You take so much time choosing all the details. Think about how long it took you to decide on your earrings and all the little things. I will list a few tips for you that will help us capturing these precious, beautiful details.
Place all your details on the bed in the room you decided to get dressed in. The main details may include (the more the better):

  • Wedding Dress
  • Bridesmaid’s dresses
  • Bride’s Shoes
  • Bridesmaid’s shoes
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Bridesmaid’s jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Bouquet/s
  • Veil or headpiece

Think about anything from colors to little things that your husband to be gave you as a gift. Anything that matches your personality.

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We love to capture all the important people and we always ask our brides to educate her family about looking at the camera. It is very normal to look at a camera and smile if it is pointing your way.

The advice I can give you to educate your family is:

  • Always smile. It is a wonderful, happy day so smile even if no one is looking at you. Laugh.
  • Try not to look into the camera, I am here to observe and capture the moments. If you do look into the camera then you don’t have to worry, but don’t feel like you have to keep looking, feel free to carry on doing what you were doing, and smile while you are at it. Sometimes I will instruct here and there so it is okay if you look at me then.
  • Don’t be scared of the camera. A lot of people find it hard to have their photograph taken. We are professionals and we make people look their very best. It is the perfect opportunity to have a beautiful photograph taken on a beautiful meaningful day.


We normally like to arrive at the brides getting ready location around 30 to 45 minutes before she puts on her dress and then leave to the ceremony 15 minutes before the bride leaves the house.

Once we arrive at your getting ready location we will greet everyone, have a look around to familiarize ourselves and then capture all the details that are ready on your bed so that when you need any of those items we have already photographed them. We then capture what is going on and capture all those little moments that you will enjoy so much once you see the photographs.

After you are dressed we love to photograph you by yourself. This is the first moment you are dressed and looking very beautiful. After we have captured the photographs of you, we will include some family members and also the bridesmaids.

Here is an example timeframe based on a 3pm Ceremony and you leaving at the house at 2:30pm. Remember this is different for everyone but it is just to give you a rough estimate.

  • 12:30pm- Photographer Arrives at house.
  • 1:30pm- Bride puts on dress.
  • 2:15pm- Photographer leaves to the Ceremony.
  • 2:30pm- Bride leaves to the Ceremony.

Again, everyone is different and we will go though the timeline of your wedding day in way more detail. It is always good to allocate more time to when we arrive but 30 minutes or so before you get dressed is a starting point.

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The smile

I briefly touched on this topic in the People section. It is so important that I left it to the last topic so that it is fresh. A smile can make or break photographs. I am not saying you should have a cheesy smile on you the whole time but what I am trying to say is that it is a happy day so remember to take the time to enjoy it.

When I say smile I mean smile on the inside. When you stress about something small just remember to smile and everything will be okay.

We are here to observe and capture your beautiful day. We don’t want your photographs to be fake so we do not want to be instructing you to smile and capture something fake. The best photographs we have captured at a bridal preparation is when everyone was really enjoying themselves, laughing and smiling. Remember that by having tears in your eyes doesn’t mean you are sad, you are still smiling inside and it is such a beautiful moment.

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Last thoughts.

The moment when you put your dress on. The moment when your dad walks in to see you for the first time. The moment when your mum can’t hold that tear in anymore. The moment your bridesmaids giggle and say awwww. The moment you finally get butterflies in your stomach and you realize that the time has come, in less than an hour I will be walking to my husband to be and him smiling at me. These are all the moments that make the bridal preparation so magical. It is truly spectacular and I love to capture it.

If you are thinking of not having your bridal preparation captured, think again and think 15 years from now. Think about when you have your first child on your lap with your wedding album open and you say “here is mummy just before your granddad walked in to see me being pretty and beautiful”.

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