Being a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer I get this question a lot. Why should we have to do an engagement session before my Gold Coast wedding? We also get an excuse a lot of the time for not having to do one. The excuse is that “we have been engaged for too long now anyway”. In this post I will explain and justify why it is never too late to do an engagement session.

gold coast engagement photography

What an engagement session is not

Before I get on into it I will some up what I believe an engagement session is not:
• It is nothing to do with the proposal, however we can do a Proposal Session that leads into an Engagement Session. This is where the guy organizes with us prior to the proposal to hide and photograph as the proposal happens. We will have another post about that in the very near future. It is very exciting by the way!
• An engagement session has nothing to do with your engagement party.

gold coast engagement photography

What is an engagement session?

So here is the big question. As my years as a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer I believe that a lot of people have their different ways of explaining what an engagement session is. I will quickly list a few of those.
• An engagement photography session is a couple’s photo shoot done anytime before the couple’s big day (Obviously).
• Because most people don’t love being in front of the camera, an engagement session is great for getting used to being photographed for your big day (True).
• This can be especially good for getting the future groom more comfortable with ‘lovey photographs’.
• The Gold Coast Wedding Photographer loves engagement sessions because it gives them the opportunity to get to know a couple better.
• It’s great to have that relationship and understanding when it comes to the big day, between the couple and photographers
• Engagement Sessions are a lot of fun.
• Engagement session are an easy going, relaxed shoot where you can concentrate on being yourselves, in love, and excited for what’s to come!

gold coast engagement photography

The biggest reason why I believe you should have an engagement session.

It is very important to understand that we do not take photographs of two people at a given location. We are all part of this engagement session to capture the ‘young and passionate’ love of two people that love each other so much. We capture this moment in time in your lives when you do not want to be apart from each other, even for a few minutes.

We capture the things you do together. Let’s say for example you love to fly kites and we incorporate kites into the session. We are not capturing two people and a few kites, we capture two beautiful people that are wonderfully in love doing what they love to do together. That is why you see so many picnic engagement sessions around, not only because it is cute to have a basket and a blanket for photographs but because it is something people love to do together. As a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer that is why we will ask you what you love to do together. When we ask you that, we want you to really think hard about it and not just come up with something quickly. Go back; think about the first few months you were together, in the early stages of your wonderful relationship. And think of the times that made you smile inside and what you were doing at the time. How and where did the first ‘I love you’ happen? When and where was the first kiss? It is all part of your story, a very important story.

I think that most people won’t understand the true meaning of these photographs until they look back at the photographs 20 years from now. These engagement photographs might not even be for yourselves but they might be part of the story that you will tell your children one day. As a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer I can give so many good reasons why you should do an engagement session but it always come back to that one reason, that you will understand when you tell the story to the next generation.

gold coast engagement photography

What to wear to your engagement session

It’s important to always feel comfortable when dressing for your engagement session. When you feel uncomfortable in your clothes it can sometimes show in your actions and expression, which is the last look you want for romantic photos with your fiancé. We like to encourage our couples to put a little thought into what they are going to wear, however matching clothes is definitely not necessary (unless that’s the look you want). The shoot is about you as a couple, your love, and your personalities, so what your wear is your own creative expression. Feel free to bring at least two outfits so that we can have a variety of photographs. (We will be doing an in depth post about what to wear very soon.)

gold coast engagement photography

FAQ’s I get a lot as a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer about engagement sessions

So now that I have tried to explain to you what I believe an engagement session is all about let’s get into the finer details with some FAQ’s.

Q. When should we do the engagement session?
A. As soon as possible if you want to use the photographs for your wedding or even 2 weeks before your Gold Coast wedding. We have done engagement sessions a few days prior to the wedding.

Q. Where should we do the engagement session?
A. Refer back to what I said earlier in the post. To sum it up, a place you love to be together, where you hang out and nothing else matters.

Q. How can we use the photographs for our wedding?
A. Again we will do an in depth post about this. The biggest and most amazing think you can do is to get a Guest Book with your photographs in it. You’re guests can sign all their happy wishes in it. We include it in some of our packages.

Q. How long will the session take?
A. Normally anywhere from one and half hours to 2 and a half. We do not limit it and we love to do a few locations.

Q. What is the best time for the session?
A. For the outdoors on the Gold Coast we normally meet up 2 hours before sunset. Sometimes we have a coffee somewhere to have a chat and get in the spirit of the session. We even have dinner together afterwards sometimes!

Q. What if we are not comfortable in front of the camera?
A. The nerves always kick in when a camera is looking at you but I can promise you it won’t take long until you are enjoying it. It is seriously so much fun, even the guys that are frozen at the start love it by the end. Ask all out couples.

Q. Posing?
A. We don’t do too much posing, what we do is ask you to do something for us and we go from there. It is very easy. We do however guide you sometimes so that you look your absolute best.

gold coast engagement photography

Engagement Session Theme

The last think I want to leave you with is to think about incorporating a theme into your engagement session. As Gold Coast Wedding Photographers we have noticed that it is very popular at the moment to shoot engagements with a theme. Although this will require a bit more planning from you, the outcome is totally worth it. Having a theme makes it fun for you and also makes the photos look like they belong out of a magazine. Great theme ideas could include a picnic, complete with plaid red blanket, and a basket full of delicious goodies. A romantic movie can also be the inspiration for a great engagement session, think the notebook; 50’s, row boats and romance. Or the animated movie “Up”, with colourful balloons and suitcases. Use your imagination and have a bit of fun! Having a theme is totally up to you and your personalities. If it is not something you are interested in, regular photos are equally stunning.

gold coast engagement photography