I will start of by saying that every couple is different and so is every wedding. These wedding timeline tips are timeline tips for wedding photographs not so much what is right or wrong.

I suggest investing in a really good wedding planner. If you have no idea where to get an amazing wedding planner please email me and I will guide you to one that I trust.

wedding timeline stages.jpg

Bridal Preparation

We like to arrive at least an hour before you get in your dress and leave to the ceremony 45 minutes after you get in your dress which is at least 15 minutes before you leave for the ceremony.

bridal preparation timing.jpg

Groom Preparation

The guys normally don’t need as much time as the girls so the Groom Preparation normally starts at the same time of the Bride Preparation but then the Groom will leave to the ceremony earlier. The Groom normally gets to the Ceremony Venue at least an hour before the ceremony starts.

groom preparation timing.jpg


Ceremonies all differ. Some are half an hour and some will go past an hour. Again this comes back to the couple and their wedding day.

wedding cermony.jpg

Formal Family Photographs

We normally start the Formal Family Photographs 10 or so minutes after the end of the ceremony. We don’t like to rush into the photography straight away because it is the first moments of your marriage so enjoy the moments together with your family and friends. The emotions will be very high at this stage and we love to capture the moments and tears of happiness.

family formal photo.jpg

Romantic Photography Session with Bridal Party

We have found in the past that 30 minutes with the bridal party is just perfect. This will allow us to do at least two different spots at one particular location.

wedding bridal party.jpg

Romantic Photography Session with Bride and Groom alone

Enjoy these moments because they are the first moments that you are alone as husband and wife. We will need an hour depending on how many locations you would like to go to. You can read more about Romantic Photography Session here.

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This is a good time to relax before you enter the reception. Give yourself a few minutes to relax and do any touch ups to your makeup and so on.


From here onwards enjoy your night and the time with your family and friends.

reception stage.jpg

Example Timeline

• 12:30pm – Photographer arrives at Bride Preparation
• 1:30pm – Bride puts on dress
• 2:00pm – Groom arrives at Ceremony Venue
• 2:15pm – Photographer leaves from Bride Preparation to Ceremony
• 2:30pm – Bride leaves for Ceremony
• 3:00pm – Ceremony Starts
• 3:30pm – Ceremony Finish
• 3:40pm – Group Photograph leading into Formal Family Photographs
• 4:00pm – Romantic Session with Bridal Party
• 4:30pm – Romantic Session with Bride and Groom alone
• 5:50pm – Pre-Reception touch ups and relax before Reception
• 6:00pm – Reception Starts
• 6:30pm – Photo booth starts

I hope that helps and I am sure it will as I get the question with every wedding. We will go through your day and customise it as every couple is different.