This topic gets me very excited. Proposal sessions are amazing and I don’t think it is amazing just because I organized one when I proposed to Lara but I truly think everyone needs beautiful photographs of their proposal and trust me your fiancé to be will love you even more and think you are extra special. It is a win win. And imagine showing the kids one day.

For those who don’t know what a proposal session is, it is us hiding and capturing the magical proposal as it unfolds. There is nothing more real than photographing the proposal and the emotions are very high. This post is more for the guys but it would be great if you girls could all forward the link to this post to your fiancé or your friends fiancé.


The best time to organize the proposal session.

The most important time to organize us to document your proposal in a beautiful way without your soon to be fiancé to know about anything is to organize it as soon as you know when you will be proposing.

We are very easy going and it isn’t very hard to organize. When I organized with our photographers in America I actually had a skype session while I was in South Africa and Lara was in back home on the Gold Coast.

I suggest not leaving it any later than 3 weeks before proposing. The earlier the better but sometimes the idea of proposing will come out of nowhere so even if it is a few days before “the date” let me know.

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Your proposal idea.

You will probably be running the whole thing through your head a million times while you are trying to sleep at night. The proposal idea is totally up to you and you should make it yours. If you find it hard, have a chat to some of your loved ones that you can trust.

There are some pointers that I will give though to make the proposal accessible for us in the locations paragraph below. I will say however that you should choose a perfect time of the day so that we have to opportunity to have beautiful light. We normally suggest in the late afternoon 2 or 3 hours before sunset on the Gold Coast so that we have time afterwards for your engagement session if you would like to incorporate it .


Engagement Session

Could there be a more perfect time than after your proposal to do an engagement session (LINK)? The emotions are high and everyone is very excited and happy. If you don’t know by this time what an engagement session is have a look at this link. We have some awesome information for Gold Coast Engagement Sessions.

We will definitely leave the two of you alone for about 30 minutes after the proposal so that it can soak in.


This brings me to the next topic. Clothing is very important but how do you as a man choose her clothes? I will give you an idea by telling you what I did.

I told Lara that we would be going to a nice restaurant close by to Central Park in New York. I didn’t want her to be very overdressed with heels or anything crazy. I told her rather than taking a Taxi we will just walk through the Park as a shortcut and also it will be nice to go for a walk just before dinner. Keep in mind at the time sunset was really late so having dinner at 6pm meant we still had 3 hours of daylight. By telling here we were going for a walk she obviously dressed accordingly, not too fancy and not too casual either so it was perfect.

Only bad thing is I was thinking too much of what she was wearing that I forgot how hot it was at the time and I dressed to warm. So I suggest thinking about the weather as well and not making it obvious at the same time.



Choosing a location is totally up to you and should be thought out really well. Again here are a few pointers that I can give:
• Make sure if it rains that you are covered unless your vision is to go down on one knee while it is pouring rain, think notebook scene.
• Make sure there is space for us to hide without her knowing. Cameras can look pretty obvious so we like to use a long lens and capture the proposal from far. Inside a small room will be very hard so if possible, somewhere with a lot of space.

proposal session gold coast


Why not capture your proposal session with both Photography & Video? Gold Coast Wedding Videographer Poetry in Motion did just that with his own proposal. Here is the video:

So how do we do it?

If you have decided to have your proposal captured drop me an email info[at] and we can have a chat about it and I will tell you all you need to know. Trust me it is very easy to organize and it will seriously pay off when you receive the beautiful photographs. It is a very special moment in your life.

If you are a lady and you wish your boyfriend would organize a proposal session with us give him some hints or chat to his friends. I am sure they will be able to show him this post. Wouldn’t it be so special?