After wedding session (TTD)

We have always loved the idea of After Wedding Sessions commonly knows as Trash The Dress Sessions. There are so many positive reasons why we like to incorporate another session for our wonderful brides and grooms. You can see this post as a introduction if you want to After Wedding Sessions. We will update the blog later on and go into depth but for now we will explain what a After Wedding Sessions is all about. “Getting in my wedding dress again was amazing. I remembered how much I loved the dress, and what a beautiful day I had wearing it last. I was also worried it wouldn’t fit as well haha.”


What is an After Wedding Session?

The name says it all. It’s basically another chance for us to capture timeless photographs of you and your loved one after the hustle and bustle of the wedding day itself. One reason why we don’t call  it Trash The Dress all that often is because it is not all about the dress, it is to give us another chance to get a wider variety of photographs that you can’t always have on your wedding day due to time restraints. Don’t get me wrong, we love the Romantic Session after your wedding ceremony and nothing will truly replace this beautiful time.

A lot of brides love the idea of an After Wedding Session because they get a chance to wear their dress again, as well as artistic photographs that they can share with their friends and family.

We’ll give you a few reasons on why you’d love our version of Gold Coast Trash the Dress.


Different Locations to that of Your Wedding Ceremony

You may not get a lot of location options on the day of your wedding. You may also be uncomfortable with the idea of driving around and rushing to different locations. Holding an After Wedding Session (TTD) allows you to relax on your special day. This way, you can stay at your ceremony location or somewhere nearby.

“We initially wanted to get married on the beach and have beautiful photographs taken by the water, however, we ended up finding a beautiful chapel and reception venue in the hinterland. As a result, we decided to have our actual wedding photographs taken near the venue so that we wouldn’t waste time travelling to another location. The ‘after wedding session’ seemed to be a great opportunity to have a more relaxed and fun photography session where we initially wanted to have the photographs taken at.” – Chris & Tanya


More Locations

With an After Wedding Session or Gold Coast Trash the Dress, we have the opportunity to really think about unique locations. And since we have lots of time, we can use more than just one location and even drive around and be spontaneous.

We can also apply a different style to your photographs. For example, if your wedding was in the mountains or hinterland, we can go to the beach or the city for some interesting backdrops.


More Time

If we do your session on the wedding day itself, you may be limited to just an hour for your wedding photographs. But with your After Wedding Session we have all the time and no real limit. We normally allocate about 2 or so hours so that we are not rushed. We highly suggest keeping your entire afternoon open because we might come up with some interesting ideas as we go along.  Spontaneous shoots are sometimes the best.


More Relaxed

Now that we have more time we can get very relaxed, trust me, the more relaxed the session the better your photographs will be. Now that you don’t have to worry about what time we have to be at the reception or how your guests are doing, you can relax all you want. We can have a coffee at a nice little cafe on the way. Gold Coast wedding photography can be great fun, and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.  Remember, relaxed photographs are the most elegant and beautiful photographs.


“I wouldn’t think about it twice! The ‘after wedding session’ was incredibly fun, and relaxing! It gives you a chance to take photographs where you may not have been able to on the wedding day due to time limitations, plus you get to be a bit more quirky and not worry about what you’re going to look like afterwards! We recommend Corne and Lara for your ‘after wedding session’ photographs. They have been so easy going and fun throughout all photography sessions and have truly made it an unforgettable experience. Corne and Lara have a true eye photography, and this has been reflected in the work that they do. We absolutely LOVE all of our photos!!!!”


Another Chance to Get in Your Dress

This is Lara’s favourite saying as she had another opportunity to get in her dress after our own wedding. Most people say that you will only wear your wedding dress once, but we will prove them wrong. You are your very beautiful when you’re wearing your wedding dress, so why not recreate the magic?


Let us Capture Timeless Photos that Show Your Love for One Another 

We highly recommend a Gold Coast Trash the Dress or as we call it, After Wedding Session. It will leave you more relaxed during your wedding day, and allow us to get creative on shots and locations. Not only will you enjoy wearing your wedding dress for the second time around, we’ll also make sure that you enjoy the session and the entire day as well.

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