What you need to know to keep in the loop of your Wedding Photography.

This post will give you an introduction to what you can expect from us being your Gold Coast wedding photographer about the photography production timeline.

Engagement Session

If your package includes an engagement session there are a few steps and you can read all about it in our Engagement Photography post here. To sum it up it goes something like this:
1. We send you a pre-engagement photography questionnaire that will give us an idea of what you want your session to be like.
2. We communicate about a location and date to do your engagement session.
3. The session.
4. We normally like to blog our sessions so that your friends and family have an opportunity to view these beautiful photographs. We normally blog these photographs 1 to 2 weeks after your session.
5. Post-production takes us normally 2-3 weeks so make sure to let us know if you want to use your engagement session photographs for anything at your wedding like a guest book or save the date cards.

engagement session.jpg

Formal Family Photographs Questionnaire – 14 days before your wedding.

You can think of this questionnaire as a shot list. It will help organize your family members for photographs after the ceremony so that it is easy and hassle free. We have been in some interesting situations when a family member disappears. This is to help us capture all the important members of your family.


Pre-Wedding Questionnaire – 7 days before your wedding

The pre-wedding questionnaire will give you an opportunity to provide us with all the important details such as times, addresses and also contact numbers.

Pre-Wedding Meeting/ Phone Call – 2-5 days before your wedding

Here we go through the two questionnaires and make sure everyone understands what is going on. It is only a few days to your wedding now and things are getting very exciting.

After your wedding – Editing

We have now captured your beautiful day and it is now when the work (fun) starts for us. We take very special care with every photograph to ensure it is perfect. As many of our clients will know that we do not do crazy tacky editing such as ‘selective color’ or anything. We like to provide our clients with timeless and beautiful photographs so we ‘enhance’ all the photographs.


Blog- 2-3 weeks after your wedding.

We love to blog your photographs for a few reasons but the two main ones are that you can view some of your photographs early (excitement) and also for your family and friends to see.

Digital Delivery – 3-4 weeks after your wedding.

You will be getting a notification from us to let you know your digital copies are on its way via the post. If you are close by we will even come drop it off just to be able to say hello again. This is the time where you are so excited that you call your husband to let him know to come home from work straight away 😉

We suggest viewing these photographs on a fancy computer screen so that you can really experience the photographs.


Album Design

If you have included an album to your package then the album design process is very exciting. Lara will start the designing of layouts immediately after the editing process is finished. Lara will design a number of layouts so that you have a starting point. We will then send you digital versions of all the layouts and from here you can choose which layouts you want and also what changes to make. The album process is really easy for you and we will guide you through it the whole way. The album process varies from couple to couple therefore the timeline will be different for all.

I hope this post helped you to understand our thinking and how we work as photographers. We love our job and the thing we love most is when our brides call us up with tears in their eyes thanking us for capturing their beautiful day. We do it for the tears.


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